Fallece cantante estadounidense Cady Groves

El joven cantante estadounidense Cady Groves la noticias fue anunciada por su hermano la cantante tenia 30 años.
La cantante de country-pop, conocida por sus canciones This Little Girl and Love Actually, murió el 2 de mayo, según una publicación de Twitter hecha por su hermano, Cody Groves. "@cadygroves se ha ido de este mundo. escribio su hermano, La cantante en su  instagram publicó sobre sus problemas de salud mental en medio de la pandemia de coronavirus el 16 de abril

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Week..6? Haven’t left my house but about 3 times and that was just to drive around in my car so I wouldn’t go insane. I don’t have a television, so I’ve had to REALLY just be alone with myself and my thoughts and fears and anxiety in my bedroom without anybody here in Nashville. Some days my mental health is AWFUL. I feel completely alone and scared and far from everyone I love and all I can do is keep myself busy and push through. Some days are better. I know that the way I feel isn’t special because we are ALL living through this separately, but together. It’s okay to be scared and to have days where you just cry and wear your hair in a bun and don’t change out of your pajamas. But it’s also okay to take it day by day-like I did today-and have hope. My heart is with you all. ❤️
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